Inmarsat’s Network

Present in all sectors where there is a need of communication, Inmarsat’s geostationary satellites cover le whole world excepted poles.

Since his creation, Inmarsat renew his satellites fleet and complete his ground station in purpose to offer voice services and enable Internet connection with a share bandwidth or streaming.

For maritime market :
security & reliability

  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  • Inmarsat FleetOne
  • Inmarsat FleetPhone
  • Inmarsat C

For terrestrial market :
portability & high speed broadband

  • Inmarsat IsatPhone
  • Inmarsat BGAN
  • Inmarsat BGAN M2M
  • Inmarsat IsatHub

Inmarsat’s services

At sea or onshore, Inmarsat offer nowadays many services based on two constellation :

I4 in L-band : Inmarsat C in maritime sector only : data broadcasting at low speed up to 600 bits for bidirectional messaging service, GPS geolocalisation of vessels (LRIT, SSAS), Inmarsat C network is GMDSS compatible.

Inmarsat Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS) in terrestrial sector and Fleetphone for maritime ; for voice communication, no data broadcasting at low speed available.

Inmarsat BroadBand Global Area Network (BGAN) and Inmarsat FleetBroadband (FBB) : onshore or at sea for voice communication, for Internet connexion in shared bandwidth  up to 468 Kbit/s or in streaming up to 650 Kbit/s (High Data Rate onshore only).

I5 : in Ka-band and L-band

Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) with Land Xpress (LX) and FleetXpress (FX) services : onshore or at sea, for voice communication and Internet connection up to 4 Mbit/s in shared bandwidth or in streaming with a symmetrical or asymmetrical throughput and a defined contention ratio (CIR)

I6 : upcoming, first launch in 2020

Satellites have a 25 years lifespan.

Inmarsat own the ground stations which ensure according to services, the redirection to Internet (PoP) or switched network.

Inmarsat is based in London. The company is hold nowadays by private funds.

Inmarsat IsatPhone (GSPS)

For voice communication or SMS by using an handheld. The IsatPhone 2 is the more recent last generation terminal. He has inbuilt GPS and an SOS button. The first handheld Isatphone Pro is not produced or maintained anymore. It needs an update of the Firmware to stay operational.

The Isatphone 2 satellite phone has an antenna that you have to point the satellite out outdoor in the direction of equator. It automatically get GPS location.

Indoor you can put it in a docking station, itself linked by a cable to an external passive or active antenna.

This terminal is compatible with other accessories : solar panels…


IsatHub is actually the entry-level model of BGAN service to have voice communication and an Internet connection up to 384 Kbit/s. The Isavi  terminal is an Wi-Fi BGAN hotspot by satellites, that you can use with a smartphone, a tablet computer working on IOS or Androïd, or a computer.

Easy to use, the Isavi is for private individual, it works thanks to app downlaoded previously.

Inmarsat BGAN (BroadBand Global Area Network)

This service is available since the end of 2007. Inmarsat BGAN allow voice communication onshore and internet connection in shared bandwidth up to 484 kbit/s and in streaming to 650 Kbit/s. Widely used in crisis time, conflict, in backup of current communication systems, BGAN terminals are portables, but you can also install them like a fixed solution with an external case to protect them or on a vehicle with a magnetic antenna.

BGAN supply have been enriched and now subscription can have one or several SIM card, these SIM card shared an allowance for using all services.

Moreover Inmarsat has created specific offers : BGAN Link with high allowances with very competitive prices, especially for usage in Africa.

Inmarsat Mobile to Mobile (M2M)

M2M service is for those who deploy BGAN terminals in purpose to exchange data in low quantity by Internet. For professional remote monitoring applications, transmission of alerts from sensor or equipment surveillance, M2M terminals with inbuilt or not antenna are very ruggedized. We offer this service with tailor made packages, and access to a platform for terminals configuration.

Inmarsat Land Xpress

Available since 2015, the GlobalXpress service in Land or Entreprise (LX) is for everyone those who want to have a symmetrical or asymmetrical bandwidth up to 4 Mbit/s by using portable or fixe terminals with a small parabolic antenna and a pointing assistance. Operational on I-5 satellites that work in Ka-band with a repetition in L-band, this service has specific offer with contention ratio define while a commitment period adaptable to events, one-time operations. Implementation is facilitate by design of new terminals.


This referent service in maritime communications, with more than 100 000 vessels equip with this system, deliver a bidirectional access for voice communication and especially Internet connection in shared bandwidth up to 464 Kbit/s and 256 Kbit/s in streaming.

Different FleetBroadBand terminals reflect the radome size and access to maximum services : FBB150, FBB250, FBB500. None of these terminals are GMDSS compatible.

FBB services has evolved with users needs of Internet connection : from 25MB to 40GB / month for one or several SIM card on board of the same vessel.

Very professional, FBB offers are associated to SIM cards have special monitoring : configuration of trafic alerts, access restrictions to some protocols, bandwidth monitoring…

Fleet Xpress

This service is for big users of bandwidth on vessels to fix their needs in voice communication and Internet connection up to 4 Mbit/s, always with a symmetrical or asymmetrical bandwidth, or in backup of other solutions (VAST)

This band-Ka with repetition in L-band service is available with terminals equip with 60 or 100 cm radome antenna.

Offers differentiate, depending on each type of terminal, the bandwidth with the contention ratio and the commitment period of 12, 24 or 36 months to reduce costs.

Inmarsat C

The oldest and the most common Inmarsat’s service install on board of all size vessels. Inmarsat C service and the associated terminals obey to international regulation in case of monitoring and security.

Inmarsat C service, bidirectional and limited to 600 bit/s, is essential to exchange datas from compact terminal with or without inbuilt omnidirectional antenna following the standard in effect in the cruising area, the type of vessel, the other communication systems on board : basic terminal, Long Range Identification Terminal (LRIT), Ship Security Alert System (SSAS), Global Maritime Distress System (GMDSS)

Communications are charged according to volume exchange by Kbyte with specific services : pooling, reporting, delivery receipt, mailbox…

E-SAT is Accounting Authority certified by Inmarsat. With letting us manage the Inmarsat C terminals on your vessels under french or foreign flags and cruising everywhere around the world, you benefit from detailed invoice, easy to read and unique for all operators that your foreign coastal trafic pass.


For maritime secteur and voice communication, Fleetphone service is the perfect solution to have on board communication for captain or crew. This solution is made by two OCEANA terminals with or without handset and external active antenna link by cable. This solution also have an SOS button in a secure crisis facility against piracy.


For pleasure sailor who want to keep communication with the shore, thanks to voice communication or Internet connection up to 150 Kbit/s, the Inmarsat FleetOne service is available from compact terminals with an under radome antenna.

This service suggest two offers : Coastal for those who cruising near from the shore and Global for a global coverage. The commitment period change and contain a minimal allowance with minutes and Megabytes.

It’s finally the only service wich have prepaid cards : cards with units and a validity.




Sailor 150

Type of equipment :


20/5000 Proposed services :
Voix (4 Kbps)
Data haut-débit (jusqu'à 150 Kbps Standard IP)
Géo localisation
Indice de protection : IP31 (modem) - IPX6 (antenne)
Positionnement tarifaire : entre 2 000,00 € et 5 000,00 € HT






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Inmarsat offers global coverage excepted poles

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