A reliable connection to make your business easier

As a company you need to be able to rely on a reliable and uninterrupted network. If you have to work in an area where the usual network is not efficient enough or even non-existent, E-SAT offers you its satellites services.

Thanks to satellite telecommunication wherever your business is located, you will benefit from a reliable connection. You will be able to call, send sms, access your mailbox or access data via satellite network.

Go wherever you want while keeping  a means of communication

E-SAT offer you mobile telecommunication system whether satellite phones or modems. These solutions allow you to benefit from a reliable and secure connection even in remote areas.

You can also opt for connection means such as Wi-Fi hotspots (Iridium GO!, Thuraya SatSleeve, Inmarsat IsatHub). This type of device allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet computer to satellite networks and thus access voice communications, messaging and low-speed data services.

Deploy a high-speed data connection

There are satellite solutions that could provide you a broadband Internet connection, allowing you to stay connected.

Indeed, our portable modems such as the Inmarsat BGAN range, the Thuraya IP+ or the MissionLink from Iridium’s CERTUS range, are made to meet business requirements. They will allow you to guarantee a reliable and high-speed connection so that you can remain responsive, no matter what is happening in terrestrial telecommunication networks.

It is also possible to access services that allow you to connect and enjoy the applications you need for your business, using streaming. This allow you to ensure a more powerful throughput than on the shared network.