A reliable connection to make your business easier

In the corporate world, having a reliable and uninterrupted network is essential. If your operations take you to areas where traditional networks falter or are absent, E-SAT extends its satellite services to you.

With satellite telecommunications, regardless of your business’s location, you can count on a dependable connection. Conduct calls, send SMS, access your mailbox, and retrieve data via satellite networks.

Stay connected no matter where you are

E-SAT offers mobile telecommunication systems such as satellite phones or modems. These solutions provide a secure and dependable connection, even in remote locations.

You can also opt for connectivity options like Wi-Fi hotspots (Iridium GO!, Thuraya SatSleeve, Inmarsat IsatHub). These devices enable connection of your smartphone or tablet to satellite networks, granting access to voice calls, messaging, and low-speed data services.

Deploy a high-speed data connection

Explore satellite solutions offering broadband Internet connections, ensuring continuous connectivity.

Our portable modems like the Inmarsat BGAN range, Thuraya IP+, or Iridium’s CERTUS range MissionLink, are tailored to meet business demands. They ensure a reliable, high-speed connection, keeping you responsive regardless of terrestrial telecommunication network fluctuations.

Additionally, access services facilitating connection and enjoyment of business applications through streaming, ensuring superior throughput compared to shared networks.