Echostar network

EchoStar Mobile is an affiliate company of the EchoStar corporate group, this is a regional satellite network that relies on a convergent satellite and terrestrial network. Thanks to a fleet of 9 satellites in geostationary orbit working in Ku, Ka and S bands, its coverage covers mainly Europe.

This network provides affordable yet satellites solutions. For example, the terminals benefit from Hughes’ manufacturing technologies, which is a subsidiary of its parent company.

Echostar Mobile network offers access to VoIP  and IP datas services, as well as an end-to-end IP connection, allowing many applications like voice communications, data connection or GNSS. This network can suit for governments, companies on the security market, of the public service or even for the oil and gaz field.

Streaming services will open soon.

EchoStar Mobile services are exclusively accessible from Hughes’ terminals in portable, mobile or vehicle-mounted versions, installed on the roof of a vehicle with and omnidirectional antenna.

The EchoStar Mobile offer is positioned as an alternative to competing networks in Europe and is aimed both at crisis unit, healthcare professionals, and as a backup to existing solutions (3G, 4G, LTE) for fixed sites.

EchoStar services

We provide offers adapted to your needs with fees including an allowance in megabyte on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for a card or a group of SIM cards and  the roll-over during the commitment period of the unused allocation.

This flexibility in the management of your subscription combined with precise monitoring optimises the successful completion of your project with complete confidence.

EchoStar terminals

Two versions of the terminal are commercialized :

  • Portable : very compact, the modem is easy to use thanks to an audible pointing assistance and a didactic interface for parameter setting.
  • Vehicle : the antenna integrates the electronic part with an Ethernet-to-power connection cable. It’s an omnidirectional antenna, there is no mechanics part and no need to pointing. Magnetic attachment is reinforced for use on-the-go up to 120 Km/h

All terminals work with a SIM card.

Quick to deploy and easy to pack in a bag or reinforced suitcase  to make up an intervention kit.