Energy industry, a sector usually in remote areas

Operating sites of the energy sector are often based on remote areas where usual terrestrial telecommunication networks are not available or not reliable. That is why satellite solution is most needed.

E-SAT offer you the choice between devices like satellite phones, portable satellite modems or even M2M solutions that tends to develop.

The satellite solution for more productivity

Your connection is surely a key of your productivity, because you need to be responsive and quickly contactable. For that, you need to have a reliable and effective telecommunication system.

That is why we propose you some satellite services of quality, thanks to these services you can benefit of mobile solutions for voice and data (satellite phones or satellite modems) that allow you a good broadcasting of informations and data by  network applications like mails, SMS, calls etc…

Security guaranteed by satellite

Furthermore that satellite connection are reliable way of communicate, some solutions have inbuilt tracking system. This allowing you to know the position in real time of an employee with a satellite phone, because in remote places the security is vital.

To go further with IoT

Inmarsat with is BGAN M2M allow you to use the satellite network to sent automatically datas from your infrastructures. With this you can do telemetry or have a look on your device for predictive maintenance, without leaving your desk.