Energy industry, a sector usually in remote areas

In the energy industry, operations frequently occur in remote locations where traditional terrestrial telecommunication networks are either unavailable or unreliable. This is where satellite solutions become indispensable.

E-SAT offers a range of devices including satellite phones, portable satellite modems, and emerging M2M solutions to address these challenges.

Satellite Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

Maintaining a reliable connection is crucial for productivity in the energy sector, where responsiveness and accessibility are paramount. Our satellite services ensure quality connectivity, enabling mobile solutions for voice and data transmission (via satellite phones or modems). This facilitates seamless communication through network applications such as emails, SMS, and calls.

Security Assured by satellite Technology

Satellite connections not only provide reliable communication but also offer built-in tracking systems. This feature allows real-time tracking of employees equipped with satellite phones, enhancing security in remote areas where safety is paramount.

Advanced IoT Capabilities

Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M enables the utilization of satellite networks for automatic data transmission from your infrastructure. This facilitates telemetry and enables remote monitoring for predictive maintenance, empowering you to manage operations efficiently without leaving your workstation.