Innovation at your service

In a multitude of sectors the IoT is beginning to play an important role and offers interesting and innovative solutions. Whether it is for predictive maintenance of installations, better resource management or reducing production costs, this technology based on data collection will facilitate your operations.

Connect your devices anywhere

As your business can take you to remote areas, satellite will allow you to offer a reliable and global connection to your IoT equipment. For sectors such as gas, mining or shipping that are often located outside the coverage areas of terrestrial networks, the IoT satellite network will ensure that your equipment is working properly. Via telemetry, monitoring or tracking systems whose data will be gathered and processed by a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) you will be able to monitor your activity remotely

A remote view of your devices

Thanks to IoT by satellite you can, for example, remotely check the status of your installations in real time on an oil platform. This will allow you, for example, to avoid unnecessary travel cost to check the proper functioning of the infrastructure, you can also geolocate your goods or equipment accurately and in real time.