Iridium’s Network

The constellation Iridium NEXT working for commercial access since early 2019 improve and increase performance of the older. The 66 new satellites in low earth orbit at 780 km converging to poles at 27 000 km/h, bring a worldwide coverage.

Iridium’s satellites pass communication on ground station which operate the network. They take approximately 9 minutes to cross horizon.

Iridium enable you to communicate all over the world by voice communication and now to connect you to Internet in broadband : new opportunities for you onshore and off shore : private individual, enterprises, maritime, Iridium count 1.3 million of subscribers in the world. Territorial constraints can apply, don’t forget to ask us to check conditions.

For maritime market:

security & reliability

  • Iridium Pilot
  • Certus VesseLink
  • Iridium Sailor
  • Sailor 4300
  • SC4000
  • LT-3100

For terrestrial market:

portability & high speed broadband

  • Iridium GO!
  • Iridium 9555
  • Iridium 9575
  • Certus MissionLink
  • Iridium PTT

Iridium’s service : voice and data low speed and broadband

Iridium network keep is core target : For all users who wish to have voice communication and download small weather files during their cruise, from satellites phones or fixed solutions  easy to use. At low speed, an offer with monthly subscriptions (postpaid) or prepay cards with a validity. Likewise, very compact core modules to integrate in solutions to transmit informations from sensors, have a specific service called Short Burst Data (SBD) for very small quantity of data.

More recently, onshore and off shore, Iridium CERTUS services allow for new terminals a connection to Internet with a throughput up to 704 Kbits/s and 1.4 Mbit/s in late 2020 – early 2021 when new terminals will be compatible with GMDSS. To improve its voice communication service, the offer enhance of 3 simultaneous voice lines.

Iridium CERTUS assure also in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, by offer core modules for developer with specific interface and improve capacity thanks to throughput the new constellation enable.

In all situations, even the most unlikely ones, the Iridium’s network ensure you reliability and exhaustiveness to reassure you, keep you in touch with your close relations and keep up your adventures.

Iridium’s satellites phones

Iridium’s handheld solutions are terminals built to resist to the harshest environnements : rain, wind, sand, the Iridium 9575 EXTREME prove to be the most robust.

All terminals can be use indoor : a docking station link by a cable to a passive or active external antenna. A solution optimized to be in a office, a crisis centre or at the level of the chart table of your vessel.

In fixed on a vessel or in a building, the LT-3100 ensure the continuity of you activities on case of crisis or breakdown of the usual communication network. Maritime version of this terminal is GMDSS. This terminal replace the SC-4000, not built anymore.

Iridium Certus terminals

Access to Iridium Certus services pass through appropriate terminals : onshore, the portable MissionLink made by THALES can be installed like a fixed solution, on the roof of a vehicle or can be carry in a bag. Off shore, maritime versions made by THALES and COBHAM suit to the environment : antenna is very compact, its size and weight are downsized and antenna is without mechanical elements. These terminals can be integrated like main communication system for the captain and/or the crew, or in backup of other solutions (VSAT).

Onshore or off shore, Iridium CERTUS subscriptions are communications plans with a monthly allowance including MB or GB and a minimum period commitment : competitive rate plans to be more cost effective, the offer evolve with commercialization of new services.

HotSpot Iridium GO !

Iridium GO ! is an HotSpot solution. It allows you to connect your smartphone (IOS & Androïd) or you tablet computer thanks to an ultra compact and ruggedized terminal, with that you can have phone calls or sent and receive mails from a dedicated e-mail adress.  The small sized terminal have a retractable small antenna.

Iridium GO ! Almost make you forget that you communicate by satellites ! This terminal il also very popular for sailors : a specific service offer allows you to get an unlimited connection to Internet via Iridium servers to send and receive your mails and .grib. files with a minimum period commitment. This is the perfect solution to maximise the receiving of your weather information. A fixe kit complete installation.

Iridium PTT

Iridium PTT is an Iridium 9575 EXTREME terminal that allows Push To Talk (PTT) communication mode and to create a private network of user called Talkgroup that communicate between each other by satellites in a geographical area. This area, can be created from a web interface. Following this, terminals are identified and associated in the defined area, then they can benefit of unlimited communication during a minimum period commitment of three months. To communicate outside of the Talkgroup you just need to add a SIM card in the terminal. This solution is very easy to set and use for operations on the field with multiple workers, without having to set up a traditional network, ask for frequencies to regulatory authorities and then ensure maintenance.



Iridium EXTREME 9575

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Pricing structure

The pricing structure of Iridium is one of the most competitive and simple of the market, especially if you call from an Iridium to another. The structure is also very flexible. The Iridium service can be used in prepaid, with vouchers of 50, 75, 200 or 500 minutes, or in post-paid. In this last case, you will receive each month an invoice including the detail of your calls. Iridium also offer special rates for calls from Africa and EMEA, with specifics packages.

Voice services

Iridium’s voice service offers nearly the same quality as the GSM network. When you subscribe to Iridium, we will give you an international call number of 12 digits, which will always remain the same, wherever you are. You will also have access to a personnal voice mail, which you will be able to reach from you Iridium equipment, but also from any fixed line.

Data services

The Iridium network also offers to make data transfer from 2400 bps (handhelds) up to 128 Kbps (Open Port). These rates allow you to send e-mail and to receive meteorologic files. This service is availibale on all Iridium equipments. E-SAT can provide you with data compression software, to accelerate your transfers.

Crew Calling

Very used in the maritime market, this service allows crew to make personnal calls with the Captain terminal. Thanks to prepaid scratch cards, each crew member can keep in touch with its family, while controlling its costs. With a particular code, the Captain can make calls in postpaid, with a monthly invoice.


To contact you, your correspondants can send you free SMS from the Iridium Website:


Update your device and modify the timeline by following the procedure.

Iridium NEXT launch 

Last successful launch for the renewal of the Iridium NEXT constellation. With the introduction of 66 satellites into the low orbit, this new constellation is now complete.

This new constellation is driving new functionalities, providing continued high performance and reliability for all existing Iridium solutions far into future with Iridium CERTUS.

Iridium prepaid : grace period change 

Effective immediately, Iridium will extend the grace period for prepaid SIM cards. Currently a prepaid SIM card remains active for 90 days (3 months) after the voucher expires, now the grace period is active for 270 days (9 months). The purpose of this change is to make it easier for customers to purchase vouchers without having to phyically receive a new SIM card or incur the $200 reactivation fee within the 270-day grace period.

Iridium offers global coverage poles included