The satellite follows you on any terrain.

As media professionals you need to be able to log in at any time to cover the news. You need to be able to call, but also send emails, SMS, videos wherever you are.

Sometimes you have to go to risky areas. That’s why security is so important for your job. The satellite phone provides security through a reliable connection. Indeed, with a solution adapted to your needs, you will be able to keep in touch with your teams, have the possibility to be geolocated and even be able to launch an alert if necessary.

Thanks to specific equipment you will be able to find solutions to all these problems.

Adapted telecommunication systems

Thanks to its wide range of satellite phones (Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Globalstar), E-SAT offers different solutions according to your needs. All our terminals are reliable and robust telecommunication system.

They are made to withstand extreme conditions and to adapt to your needs, they are practical because they can be deployed in a short time and  are mobile, they will allow you to ensure communication with the studios for example.

For the realization of your reports you will surely need a high speed connectivity. For this you can rely on satellite modems such as Inmarsat BGAN or Thuraya IP+. These systems allow you to quickly deploy voice and data connectivity, the resistance of these products will allow them to accompany you in remote and inhospitable areas and to cover information.