Our company deliver all satellite communication technology that you will need, portable or fixed, terrestrial, maritime

E-SAT apply on these markets, strengths which by the time have became his best advantages : service and flexibility

E-SAT offer all the benefits of a small dynamic company turn toward his customers. We appoint you a unique representative, in charge of following your account.

E-SAT team is at your service for all commercial , technical or administrative information or advice.

Since the beginning, E-SAT has worked to reach his customers expectations as well as possible. To give them the best and keep them satisfy, E-SAT is always developing his range and value added services.

E-SAT it is :

  • Experts: E-SAT proposes a large but unexhaustive range of services and equipmentsto answer your communication needs. Do not hesitate to ask for the impossible.
  • Alternative operator: As a Service Provider, E-SAT make you benefit from its negociation strenghts towards satellite networks by offering you best rates.
  • Rental: To allow to keep contact wherever and whenever you want, even for a short period, E-SAT proposes all its range of equipment for rental.

E-SAT is :

  • Listenning you: Thanks to its reduced structure, E-SAT knows its customers and their needs. A unique contact knows you and forecasts your needs.
  • Serving you: The E-SAT’s technical support helps you in your language, as the team speaks French, English, Russian and Portuguese.
  • At your door: From its creation, E-SAT has developped a large, national and international network of partners to serve you, also on the field.