Service is something important in our work : from advice to support by way of monitoring of communications, we make satellite communication easy for you.

Our fields of expertise are the following :

  • Advice : Find with you the most suitable solution to your need.
  • Support : Remotely or in our office, our technical support assist you for the settings, the update of your terminals, or settings of users interfaces.
  • Monitoring of your communications : Direct link with operators enable us to carry out every operations on terminals and SIM card with analysis and monitoring tools until the billing of your communications.
  • Customer care : In France or in other countries, E-SAT’s customer can always enjoy a special follow-up, very reactive and without latency !
  • Technological watch and dedicated solutions : Our team provide you its knowledge and its expertise.
  • Suppliers relations : In our work, we have make strong partnerships with historical manufacturers in these maritime and terrestrial markets, which are very challenging and specialized.


We are partner of mains satellite operators in L-band : Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya & Globalstar. Frequency ranges used in this spectrum make easy the spreading of the signal unlike some others (frequency ranges).

  • Inmarsat : Pioneer in maritime and terrestrial satellite communications, also known in aero.
  • Iridium : With the most recent satellite constellation, Iridium is a reference in mobility, all over the world.
  • Thuraya : Well known and very use in Midde East, Central Asia and Africa, Thuraya often make evolve its range of handhelds.
  • Globalstar : This network gradually turn itself to tracking and messaging applications.
  • Others networks : on others frequency range (Ka, Ku & C) and others satellites

According to the context and with informations that you tell us, we advice you in the choice of the better network, devices with accessories and subscription plan that suit you the most.

Our team make a point to explain you the different plans offer by satellite operators and to make easier the set up of devices with their interfaces.


In purpose to help you, our support team is available online by phone at office hours and on-call duty for crisis situations. A platform give us possibility to follow the evolution of your inquiries.

A setting matter on a terminal, a firmware update, the check of a SIM card status, support for setting on a specific application software, we are listening you to help you.

For all these operations, we can operate remotely on your devices and tell you precisely the procedure to follow. The support is in french and in english.

Monitoring of your communications

Monitoring of your communications is an important part of our work, this represent our expertise.

We daily deal with data receive by satellites operators : from SIM card activation, to invoice of communications done, there is many operations complete and execute on time, in emergency or scheduled in advance.

To make these operation a sucess, we use operators resources and tools that we have developed.

According to the satellite network we do :

  • Activation, suspension, migration and deactivation of SIM cards.
  • SIM card status change
  • Access restriction to some services
  • Consumption monitoring

All these operations are done by us. It’s our responsibility in case of issues. For each operations, we kept a record.

We have a look on your consumption in real time when you use the service and we can take action on time.

Billing close the cycle of these operations. Each customer receive is invoice with a comprehensive statement, also downloadable on the “customer area” on our website.

Our management tool allow us to customize your invoice : grouping of your different SIM cards from different operators, account and invoice entity.

We doing everything we can do to make these operations more fluid and lister to you to suit to your needs.

Thanks to our direct link with operators, we tell them about comments that you give to us on improvement to bring for the quality of service.

Customer care

Here in this field of activity since 20 years, many customers trust us and telle us about their communications issues.

That is why we become privileged interlocutor of explorers, security manager of big companies, NGO, captains of commercial vessels or boaters that cruise across seas…

There is many different demands, but solutions are individual. In France and wherever else, we stay near to communications that you deploy.

Technological watch

Nowadays there is a lot of projects in term of  new satellite constellations : but keep feet on earth for now !…

Our field quickly evolve, knowing that years pass between funding of a new constellation, design of satellites, their launches, design of terminals, first tests and commercialization of these services.

We follow all developments by participating in particular in the Operators’ forums and major international industry conventions, where information on the future of our technologies and your future needs are exchanged between professionals.

It’s been a while now that we have a particular interest about the use of satellites in the IoT (Internet of Things), geo-tracking and messaging associated with alert feedback from websites or remote devices, wether fixed or on-the-go (vessels, trains, vehicles, peoples, animals).

Suppliers relations : operators and equipment manufacturers

Relations with operators are the subject of privileged agreements that recognize our legitimacy in the field. In the maritime sector we are Accounting Authority for Inmarsat’s network : as such we manage for ships with a single statement and a single invoice, all their foreign coastal traffic, whatever their navigation zones when they send messages ashore.

Few  manufacturers design and manufacture L-band terminals : Over the years, we have forged a strong partnership with them: We participate in pre-launch beta testing, testing new firmware versions with them.

Whether they specialize in the terrestrial, maritime or both sectors, their experience is important when it comes to test reliability of their devices on land in the desert or sheltered from a cyclone, at sea in the most extreme latitudes and longitudes.

We privilege the marketing of accessories and peripherals tested and recognized with our solutions.

E-SAT’s solutions / our offer / satellite rental

All the solutions we offer are available for sale and rental for a specific need.

You are going on a safari and wish to keep in touch with your family, your office or simply for a one-off mission abroad, we have a fleet of ready to go terminals from the various networks !

Satellites phones are pre-tested, package in kit in a carrying case and ready to use.

We can refill SIM card remotely if you have run out of units.

Contact us

Contact us

For more informations on services offer by E-SAT or for informations about equipments available to rental, contact us.