Thuraya’s network

Thuraya is a regional satellite network which covers Europe, Middle-East, the major parts of Africa and Russia, South East Asia and China. Based in the Emirates, Thuraya operates two geostationary satellites and a Land Earth Station in Sharjah.

Since 2000, for all subscribers onshore and off shore, Thuraya offer voice services from satellites phones or modems, broadband Internet connection up to 444 Kbit/s.

The geographical coverage like spot beams require for all users a GPS localisation automatically done before being registered on the network.

Thuraya network offer roaming agreement with cellular operator especially from dual-mode terminals (cellular and satellite).

For maritime market:

security & reliability

  • Thuraya Orion IP
  • Thuraya Atlas IP+
  • Thuraya IP Voyager
  • Thuraya IP Commander

For terrestrial market:

portability & high speed broadband

  • Thuraya XT-Pro
  • Thuraya XT-Lite
  • Thuraya SatSleeve
  • Thuraya X5-Touch
  • Thuraya IP+

Thuraya’s services

Thuraya network allows voice communication, fax and data transmission at low speed using mobile terminals and broadband Internet connection up to 444 Kbit/s using dedicated modems, onshore like off shore.

Thuraya’s satellites phones are mainly used for voice communication onshore. To benefits of competitive rate plans, you need a Thuraya’s SIM card, postpay with a subscription or prepay with rechargeable units.

Maritime terminals and modems to connect to Internet have the same type of offers.

Dual-mode terminals, with double SIM card reader, allow you to add a SIM card from a cellular operator in addition of Thuraya’s SIM card. A useful features when user are in a region with lack of coverage.

Thuraya’s satellites phones

Thuraya has satellites phones at attractive price and usually make its range evolve. First generation mobiles Hughes & ASCOM have became outdated, and we advice against using them. Second generation mobiles, SO-2510 and SG-2520 have to be tested often. The following terminals, XT and XT-Dual are always functionals.

Most recents satellites phones constitute a whole range :

  • XT-Lite for voice communication only
  • XT-PRO, more resistant and with in-built GPS and SOS button
  • XT-PRO Dual, with the same features and a double SIM card reader
  • X5-Touch, first Androïd satellite smartphone, with a SOS button and double SIM card reader

In addition, and for an indoor use, only XT, XT-PRO and XT-PRO-Dual can be put in a docking station. (Fixed Docking Unit or FDU)

When outdoor, retractable antenna of the terminals have to point equator out.

Broadband modems

Thuraya offers a modem to have broadband Internet connection up to 444 Kbit/s. In portable version, Thuraya IP+ is very compact and light. This modem is very interesting with an unlimited plan : even if usage is limited to 30GB / month, when this ceiling is reach you can buy refill to keep the maximum throughput. Thuraya IP and associated service only offer voice communication over IP, and if necessary a streaming connection  that changes according to different type.

Vehicle (Thuraya IP Voyager & Thuraya IP Commander) and maritime versions (Thuraya Orion & Thuraya Atlas IP+) are also available.

HotSpot, SatSleeve and WE to communicate on the go

To take your connection wherever you go and benefit of Thuraya’s coverage, you can take the HotSpot or Thuraya SatSleeve+. The HotSpot is a Wi-Fi access point that connect your smartphone to satellite network. So you have an access to your smartphone features and app thanks to satellites, but you have to know that the throughput will be limited and costs of communication expensive. SatSleeve+ is a Smartphone adaptor. You just have to put your smartphone in the docking station, then to connect it by Bluetooth and to pull-out adaptor’s antenna to turn it into satellite phone. List of compatible SmartPhone is regularly updated.

The Thuraya WE is a portable HotSpot broadband terminal with dual mode satellite and LTE. Very light and compact, it allows to 10 users maximum to have a Wi-Fi connection to communication with a maximum throughput of 384 Kbit/s and to switch easily from a 3G/LTE network to Thuraya’s satellite network.

Maritime Solution

SeaStar is an easy to install and cost effective solution to have voice communication on vessels. This terminal works in prepay or postpay ways with a low subscription by month. With the two options crew can use this solution at cost effective rate plans, to keep contact with family and friends onshore, and captain can transmit professional informations to the ground.


Thuraya X5-Touch

Type of equipment :




20/5000 Proposed services :
Low speed Data (GmPRS)
SOS button
Inside the box :
  • Thuraya X5-TOUCH satellite Smartphone (Android)
  • Battery
  • 200/110V power supply
  • Car charger 12V
  • International plug kit
  • Data cable USB-C
  • USB key
  • Headphone
  • Quick start guide
Dimensions : 145 x 78 x 24 mm
Weight : 262 g
INgress portection : IP 67 compatible MIL-810 G/F
Connectivity : micro USB, UDC for Data, Audio jack (3,5mm)
Battery : 3 800 mAh,up to 11h of communication
Operating temperature : -10°C à +55°C
Operating system : Androïd Nougat (7.1.2)

Thuraya XT-Lite

Type of equipment :




20/5000 Proposed services :
GmPRS Data
Inside the box :
  • Mains charger– Power supply
  • International plug kit
  • Battery
Dimensions : 128 x 53 x 27 mm
Weight : 186 g
INgres portection : IP54 & IK03
Connectivity : USB Data cable ; audio Jack cable (2.5mm)
Battery : Lithium-ion (rechargeable); up to 6 hours of communication

Thuraya XT-Pro

Type of equipment :




20/5000 Proposed services :
GmPRS Data
SOS button
Dimensions : 128 x 53 x 27 mm
Weight : 212 g
Ingress protection : IP55 & IK05
Connectivity : UDC plug for data ; Audio jack (3,5mm), micro usb port
Operating temperature : - 10°C & + 55°C
Battery : Lithium-ion (rechargeable); up to 9 hours of communication


Thuraya IP+

Type of equipment :


20/5000 Proposed services :
High speed Data (up to 444 Kbps Standard IP & 384 Kbps streaming IP)
Inside the box :
  • Thuraya IP + terminal
  • Li-ion battery for Thuraya IP
  • Power supply: 100 / 240VAC
  • USB & Ethernet cables
  • Quick start guide, CD with manuals
Dimensions : 216 x 216 x 45 mm
Weight : 1.4 kg (terminal & battery)
Ingress protection : IP55
Data rate : IP standard up to 444 Kbps ; IP streaming up to 384 Kbps
Operating temperature : without battery - 25°C à + 55°C ; with battery : 0°C à + 50°C
Connectivity : 1 x RJ45 Ethernet ; Wi-Fi

Thuraya MarineStar

Type of equipment :


20/5000 Proposed services :
Low-speed data (GmPRS)
Inside the box :
  • MarineStar modem with display and telephone handset.
  • Marine antenna with 25m of cables (Satellite & GPS)
  • Antenna mounting bracket
Dimensions : active antenna 185 × 170 mm ; modem 203 × 190 × 72,7 mm
Weight : antenna 1.3 Kg ; modem 1.07 Kg
Connectivity : RJ11, RS232, NMEA, PBX
Ingress Protection : IEC 60945 / ADU: IP56; BDU: IP32
Data rate : GmPRS 60/15kbps


Thuraya SatSleeve HotSpot

Type of equipment :




20/5000 Proposed services :
GmPRS Data (15/60 Kbps)
SOS Button
Inside the box :

no accessories included

Dimensions : 142 x 69 x 38 cm
Weight : 290 g
Connectivity : Audio jack 3.5 mm ; Micro USB for charging and upgrade
Operating temperature : - 10°C to + 55°C
Compatibiliy : iPhone et Androïd (Wifi)


Check your balance

Dial 151


Thuraya’s voice rates are very competitive, especially for mobile to mobile calls. There are two ways to subscribe to Thuraya: Prepaid  with scratch cards or codes, and Postpaid with monthly invoices. Thuraya as simplified its pricing structure. Roaming fees are added when using cellular operators.

The standard prepaid SIM card is valid for one year from the first call you make. The card validity can be extended if it exceeds the reactivation period.
Thuraya card communications tariff is carried out in units and the voice increment is 60 seconds.

Please, find the country breakdown, Band1, Band2 and “Catch all”.

Voice services

Thuraya’s voice quality service is similar to GSM. Voice calls are very competitive. Except the Thuraya IP and DSL, all Thuraya terminals are able making voice calls.

Data services

Thuraya network offers data calls up to 9.6 Kbps in standard mode and 60/15 Kbps (down/up) in GmPRS mode through all handhelds. The Thuraya DSL is an entry modem offering connections to the Internet up to 144 Kbps on a shared channel. The Thuraya IP modem allows Internet connectivity for large data transfers up to 444 Kbps on shared background IP and up 384 Kbps on streaming IP. Fax can also be sent from Thuraya handhelds.

User friendly

Thuraya terminals are very easy to use. The pointing is done easily and automatically (handhelds only), after acquiring the GPS position.

GPS service

The GPS functionality allows the end user to know its own position (more/less 100m) and send it trough SMS. The Thuraya locate service allows those who wish to view any Thuraya terminal being used in the world through maps, satellite images and aerial photography.


A large range of accessories is available, in order to match any customer’s need: docking units, vehicle kits, indoor repeaters, solar panels…

SMS service

The SMS functionality is available through Thuraya handhelds, from mobile to mobile. Sending SMS to some cellular operators may be restricted. It is possible to send SMS from the Thuraya website for free:

Thuraya is a regional satellite network which covers Europe, Middle-East, the major parts of Africa and Russia, South East Asia and China.

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