Deploy a VSAT communication network

VSAT makes it possible to deploy a satellite communications network from one or more sites and to facilitate the exchange of very high-speed data (Voice, Data to connect to the Internet) through a Hub hosted by the operator.

VSAT operates in distinct frequency bands (C, Ku & Ka, from 3.4 to 31 GHz).

The frequencies according to these spectra are more or less resistant to external environmental constraints: tropical rains, humidity, …

A C-Band VSAT installation in the tropics with a rainy season will therefore be subject to fewer constraints in use and operation than the same Ku- or even Ka-band installation.

VSAT technology overview :

VSAT service

The bandwidth is generally asymmetrical (uplink, downlink) depending on the application. Shared, it is linked to a contention rate (CIR) with a guaranteed minimum. It can also be dedicated.

The location, the number of sites to be equipped, the applications to be realized are as many preliminary questions to be asked to propose you an offer before the installation which requires a technical expertise knowing that there are no turnkey solutions.

E-SAT markets VSAT offers in Ka, Ku and C-band from various satellite operators such as Eutelsat, Arabsat, Avanti and SES for fixed sites mainly located in Africa.

The offers include monthly subscriptions that optimize the management of operating costs with commitment periods of a minimum of three months and decreasing according to the duration.

VSAT terminals

Depending on the location, the application, we define the type of modem (iDirect, COMTECH) and the size of the antenna, from 1.2m to 2.4m associated with the transmitter-receiver part of the antenna and signal conversion (BUC / LNB).

In any case, the GPS position of the installation site is necessary to establish the link budget.

The modems we provide are not locked. You should always have a spare parts pack. All equipment comes from manufacturers with long experience in the design and manufacture of VSAT terminals.

Our offer is only intended for private individuals and companies, with the exception of Internet cafes.


According to your needs on the site(s) we size the required bandwidth with the sharing rate (CIR) if the capacity is not dedicated.

If the need is increasing or decreasing, the bandwidth capacity is re-evaluated.

The tools we have at our disposal through the HUB managers allow us to visualize your traffic in real time, to analyze it, to diagnose pointing problems and to reboot the installation.

This data is valuable for the management of your network and allows us to remotely solve problems or clarify misunderstandings.

We offer C-band coverage throughout Africa, with the majority in Ku-band and very partial coverage in Ka-band.

License, installation & commissioning

Individuals or companies, VSAT installations require a license in the country of installation. This is obtained from the regulatory authority in each country and we can facilitate the process through our network of resellers.

The installation is carried out according to the state of the art. Once it has been completed, it is the main communication system on the site :

  • The room or place where the modem with the peripherals is located;
  • The outdoor tile or mounting bracket with the mast that supports the antenna;
  • The pointing of the antenna is done with a spectrum meter.
  • The system is then commissioned with the Operator (HUB) who receives and transmits the satellite signal to and from the site.